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ProcedureCard Optimizes the Surgical Supply Chain

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Improving Surgical Supply Chain Management with

Statistics on Managing Supplies in the Operating Room :

  • In 2020, the costs of supplies will be greater than payroll costs.
  • Medical professionals responded to a 2017survey by SERMO about some of the problems they see in surgery.
    • 73% of operating room nurses and surgeons recall a time when the surgeon did not have the product they needed DURING the procedure
    • 60% had witnessed surgery delays due to missing supplies
    • 57% could recall instances when supplies were borrowed from another hospital
    • 51% hoard supplies to ensure that they have what they need
    • 40% knew of surgery cancellations due to missing supplies
    • 27% had seen or heard of an expired product being used on a patient
    • 23% had seen or heard of an adverse patient event due to lack of supplies


  • It has been estimated that there is about $5 billion of annual waste in high-value medical devices alone.
  • money flying out


The surgical preference card is one of the key links in the surgical supply chain. Streamlining and updating the cards is not a top priority at most facilities, but it should be.


Getting the right tools at the right place and time has never been easier. has created a cloud-based HIPAA compliant surgical preference card management system that fits easily into the supply chain. It gives the operating room team access to their preference cards 24/7/365. Easily update, create and share surgical preference cards on any connected device.

When surgical supply and medical device companies incorporate ProcedureCard into their workflow, everyone wins.

The vendors have an accurate list of what is needed for each case.

The facility minimizes waste and improves operating room efficiency. They save time and money when they have what they need before the start of each procedure.


With, we help you improve your bottom line…patient care.


Schedule a demo at and optimize your supply chain today.







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